Harina Pan White 1kg


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What is Harina P.A.N?
Harina Pan, is a very versatile pre-cooked gluten-free cornmeal flour. 
Is Harina P.A.N the same as cornmeal?
Harina PAN is a specific brand of corn flour that is commonly used in Venezuelan and Colombian food. It is made from dried and finely ground corn kernels and is used for making traditional dishes such as arepas, hallacas, and empanadas. While it is similar to cornmeal, Harina P.A.N is typically finer in texture and has a unique flavor that sets it apart from other corn flours. Some people prefer to use Harina P.A.N over cornmeal for making their favorite dishes because of its consistent quality and flavour.
Is Harina P.A.N the same as polenta?
Polenta is not the same thing, although they are both made from corn. Polenta is made from yellow or white cornmeal that has been boiled in water or broth until it forms a thick, porridge-like consistency. While polenta can be made with Harina P.A.N, it is not the same as the flour and the resulting dish may have a different texture and flavour.
Are Arepas healthier than bread?

Arepas are made from a combination of corn flour, water, and salt, and can be filled with a variety of ingredients such as cheese, meat, vegetables, or beans. Compared to white bread, arepas tend to be lower in carbohydrates and higher in fibre, as corn flour is naturally high in fibre.