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Chatica Frijol Negro (500g pack)

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Frijol Negro - Black bean is an important legume in the diet of the world population, especially in Latin America.

It dates back to Peruvian pre-Columbian era. One cup of dried black beans yields approximately 2½ cups of cooked beans. There are over a hundred recipes you can use Black Beans. Black beans are high in folate (256 mcg), iron (3.61 mg), magnesium (120 mg), and phosphorus (241 mg); they are also a source of zinc (1.92 mg), niacin (2 mg), and thiamine (.42 mg) - based on 1 cup portion size.

Black beans proved to have the highest antioxidant activity. Anthocyanin and other flavonoids in black beans can also prevent the signs of premature ageing. It has detoxifying properties and low glycemic index. And on top of that, it is delicious!

You must try it!

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