Noel Biscuits & Crackers

"Share moments full of flavour"


Regarding the range of products from Noel, they present a wide variety of crackers and cookies. Their Traditional crackers have a light salt spray and are widely common in Colombia, mainly at breakfast. They are salty, crispy, always fresh and have a neutral flavour is very well accompanied by a wide variety of products such as butter, margarines, jams, sweets, cheeses, among others.
Among its benefits is its high nutritional value and its freshness, guaranteed by the Taco-Taco packaging. Delicious several product lines of biscuits and crackers all baked to be irresistibly crunchy with lots of flavour and low in calories.
Noel is an innovative and responsible company, leader on the domestic market of crackers, which since 1916 works with the heart to fill up Colombia of special moments with products of the highest quality, innovative, delicious and fun.
The brand has a commitment with Integrated Quality, and this is shown with the Certificates which have been given by National and International Entities, allowing them to get to the most demanding markets of the world. The achievement of each certification represents the knowledge, commitment and discipline they work with to continue to offer high quality standards.


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