Harina Pan Corn Flour

100% Made From Corn


Harina PAN is used to make the maize flour dough also known as "masa de arepa" or "masarepa", which is used to make Venezuelan dishes such as arepas, hallacas, empanadas, and bollos. Pre-made arepa flour is specially prepared for making arepas and other maize dough-based dishes.
The most recognized brand of precooked corn flour for making empanadas, tamales, tortillas, gorditas, polenta and arepa’s-made as a healthier alternative to a sandwich. -Made of 100% corn
  • A great source of fibre, vitamins & minerals
  • Gluten-free certified (GFCO)
  • Free of preservatives & additives.
The arepa is prepared by mixing P.A.N. precooked corn meal mix with water & salt forming a soft corn meal dough which, after being kneaded and shaped into balls, is flattened & turned into patties & then fried, grilled, or baked depending on your preference.
Arepas can be prepared and filled with anything you like, including: beef, pork, chicken, duck, turkey, tuna, salmon (or any other fish), shrimp, seafood, salami, ham, cheese, eggs, beans, veggies, etc.
Arepas can be served as breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. It’s delicious & healthy!


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