Harina Pan | White Cornmaize 1KG

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What is Harina Pan?
Harina Pan, also known as Harina P.A.N, is a very versatile pre-cooked cornmeal flour that can be used to make gluten free arepas and hallacas, to name just two Venezuelan and Colombian foods that use this unique corn flour in their recipe. So what exactly is Harina Pan?
What is it?
Harina Pan (also known as Maseca) is a ground pre-cooked cornmeal that’s gluten free. It’s traditionally used in Central and South American cuisine, particularly in Venezuelan, Colombian and other Hispanic cuisines. Although it’s often referred to as corn flour, there are actually no flour ingredients in Maseca—its name derives from masa (mas–eh-kah), which means dough or bread dough.
Why eat gluten free harina pan?
People who have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, or are otherwise sensitive to gluten and wheat, should eat gluten free harina pan. If you don’t want to feel bloated after every meal, if you want more energy during your day (due to not eating food filled with preservatives), or if you want a healthier body as a whole, switching from wheat flour to gluten free harina pan could be a great decision for you.
How to store it
Properly storing your harina pan helps to preserve its shelf life. If you will not be using it immediately, you can keep it in a cool, dry place at room temperature; otherwise store it in an airtight container and refrigerate to extend its shelf life up to 6 months.
How do you use it?
Harina pan (corn flour) can be used for a variety of things! Arepas, hallacas, empanadas, croquettes and so much more.