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How to make Venezuelan Hallacas [Video]

Chatica TeamDec 12, '18

Hallacas are corn dough patties filled with stewed beef, chicken, pork, capers, olives and raisins, served as a main dish. They are much like "Tamales" from Colombian cuisine. The making of Hallacas marks the start of the Christmas season. Family members and friends come together while traditional drinks and music (gaitas) contribute...

How to make Colombian Natilla [Video]

Chatica TeamDec 3, '18

Natilla is a rich, custard-like dessert traditionally enjoyed at Christmas, especially in Colombia. Usually served alongside round cheese dough balls - Buñuelos. Natilla is somewhat like "Arequipe" or dulce de leche, but it is thickened with corn-starch and flavoured with Panela (sugar cane). Varieties of Natilla can include cinnamon, shredded...

Easy recipe for Colombian Buñuelos [Video]

Chatica TeamNov 21, '18

Check out the next video from "Colombia" to prepare the traditional Buñuelo from the comfort of your home. The dough is very easy to make, add the final touches and it is spectacular. Ideal for any Christmas table or pastry at any time of the day. INGREDIENTS: 2 cups of Colmaiz...