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In association with the Life Academy, educational charity We are able to address the need for better financial education using the following interactive modules.
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 We are not tied to anyone product or mortgage provider so all our advice is based on a "whole market" solution.

  Financial Products

"Financial Products are just like bricks used to build a house. Without a coherent plan, they form a pile of rubble and not a house, so they provide no security. To make the bricks into a house, an architect is needed to produce the plan, and then it has to be built in a logical order, starting with the foundation and not the top floor".
In Financial Planning, the financial planner is the equivalent to an architect.

If you are an individual requiring personal advice we provide friendly, impartial guidance on:


  Life Assurance Investments
  Critical Illness
  Income Protection
  Personal Pensions
  Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP's)
  Private Medical Insurance

  Inheritance Tax

  Life Assurance

 Life insurance offers valuable financial protection in the event of your early death if you have  family dependent on your earnings.  But it can also be a means of saving. This combination of  protection and saving makes life insurance unlike any other financial product.

 Some policies protect, some help you to save and some do both.

  Critical Illness

 If you, or those who depend on you, would face financial difficulties if you became critically ill (for  example if you had cancer, a heart attack or a stroke), you may want to consider taking out critical  illness cover.

 If you're critically ill, the last thing you'll need is a financial worry like the fear of losing your home  because you can't pay your mortgage.  Critical Illness aims to give you peace of mind in these  circumstances.

 Please visit our library to find out about the 'core critical illness conditions'.

  Income Protection

It is a policy designed to give you a regular tax-free benefit if you are injured or too ill to work,  resulting in a loss of earnings.

A recent Government Report, "Pathways to Work", found that in 2002 2.4 million people received  incapacity benefits, and had been off work for more than six months, in the UK. Of these, 1 million  had been unable to work for at least five years.

Potential income sources will depend on your personal circumstances and a number of factors:

If you are employed Your employer may continue to pay you for a limited time.  Some employers will  only pay Statutory Sick Pay. Others may be more generous. You should check what arrangements  your employer has made.

If you are self-employed or a member of a partnership, your income will almost certainly cease, although your business may continue to generate income for a short time if, for instance, payment  is outstanding for work already completed.

In the longer term you may receive Long Term Incapacity Benefit and other State benefits. Some of  these benefits are means-tested, and in most cases there are conditions that have to be met, such  as your having paid sufficient National Insurance contributions.

You should note that the amounts of, and eligibility conditions for, State benefits may change in the  future.

If you have savings, these may produce income that will not be affected by your incapacity. Cashing in some investments earlier than planned may, however, result in a financial loss. Such savings may also affect your eligibility for some State benefits.

  Savings & Investments

Savings is defined as putting money aside, on a regular basis, for either a specific or general purpose, over the medium to long term.

There are two main ways of achieving regular savings - a structured and an unstructured plan

A structured plan is beneficial for long term savings i.e. 10 years plus. The advantage of this type  is that it makes a more disciplines way of savings, whereby the premiums are fixed for the term  and can not be altered.

The other type of savings is the unstructured route, a more flexible way of

  Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax (IHT) is often thought of as a tax for the rich, but rising house prices now mean more middle income families are being caught out by this tax unless they make adequate preparation. IHT is currently charged at 40% of any assets over the nil-rate band, which now stands at 263,000 for 2004/05. IHT can take a substantial chunk out of your estate, however there are a number of ways people can reduce or mitigate their bill.

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  Our Services

  Comprehensive financial planning

We believe financial planning is a journey. It's about mapping out a path towards your goals and then ensuring you stay on track, life goals can include buying a home, saving for your child's education or planning for retirement. Bluestone Asset Management Ltd can help you set your goals and guide you along on the way to achieving the lifestyle you want. The plan includes the following

  Personal Protection

First and foremost Personal Protection is an important aspect of successful financial planning. Choosing the right insurance ensures that you and your family are provided for financially in the event of disability, trauma, critical illness or death.

We can assist you in choosing the appropriate type of insurance which best suits your individual circumstances. The types of personal insurance include Life insurance, Income Protection insurance and Critical illness insurance.

  Retirement planning

It's important to recognise that we are now living longer. Financially this can be an overwhelming realisation. The key to managing this change and achieving a comfortable life in retirement is to make sure you have a sound financial plan.

One of the most frequently asked questions is 'How much will I need in retirement?' Once you have established your desired annual level of income in retirement. The earlier you retire the higher this figure will be.

  Savings & Investments Strategies

Analysis, design and ongoing management of your investment portfolio. Assets are managed consistent with your financial objectives, constraints, time horizon, risk tolerance, and prevailing economic conditions One of the greatest principals to aid asset management has been that of modern portfolio theory, better known as asset allocation.  In simpler terms, investors can reduce their risk by investing in different investment sectors; large companies, small companies, international equities, fixed income, etc.  The theory is each sector's ups and downs tend to cancel each other out to some degree, while you get the same long-term return.  Yet, by simple math if equal parts of your money are simultaneously out-performing and under-performing then the overall outcome can almost never be better then the benchmark.

To accumulate wealth you need to grow your assets at a rate that at least exceeds that at which taxes and inflation erode it.  We call this protecting your purchasing power.  At Bluestone Asset Management we will work with you to build an investment strategy that balances your risk tolerances and our rigorous discipline to help you achieve long-term growth while working to ensure you take the least risk possible.

  School Fee Planning

Most parents are aware that independent and higher education provides the cornerstone to a wide choice of careers and the likelihood of a prosperous future for their children.

Having embarked upon a private education many parents experience difficulties in continually funding school fees from their taxable income.

The withdrawal of assisted places schemes, and the end of free university education, means you may have to fund the whole amount.

Inflation must also be taken into consideration. In the future it may be much higher than over the last few years and add pressure to any plans drawn up today. As with any long term planning it must be reviewed regularly, taking into account and anticipate the impact any future changes may have.

School fees planning and planning for the cost of university education needs to be initiated many years in advance. The primary objective is to build up a capital sum to meet the cost of school fees in respect of primary and secondary education, and then the fees and maintenance costs for university education.

  Estate Planning

Over two- thirds of UK adults still do not have a valid will according to the Society of Will Writers, and a s a result, have no control over how their money and belongings will be distributed when they die. Failure to make plans for your family's inheritance could see a substantial amount of money going to the tax man.

Dying without having made a will is called dying intestate and this can cause a number of problems, which ultimately means the estate will decide how your estate is split-up.


Anyone over 18 and deemed mentally capable can make a Will. If you die without a Will, you die intestate, which means that your estate would be divided up according to specific rules set out in law. Although the rules vary depending upon an individual's circumstances, any distribution may not carry out your wishes and may fail to be tax efficient.

In our experience of carefully written Wills, drafted to incorporate your exemptions and relief, it is possible to save large amounts of tax. This is an integral part of IHT planning.



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