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In association with the Life Academy, educational charity We are able to address the need for better financial education using the following interactive modules.
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  Changing the benefits of business

Successful companies looking for opportunities to compete more effectively face big challenges, including the need for solid business strategies, an ability to attract and retain talented, committed employees, and the resources both human and financial to ensure success in a crowded marketplace.

  Employee communication

We will even meet with your employees on an individual basis to explain and review the advantages of participating in your retirement plan.

If you want a benefits partner that is committed to your success, if you want experienced people that take care of you, if you want happier employees - team with Bluestone Asset Management. We think you'll like the way we do the things we do.

  Employee education

As part of our commitment to helping people reach their financial goals, we have developed a series of educational workshops for employees of large and small companies. Your company benefits from sponsorship of these workshops in a number of ways:

  • Informing employees of the benefits you offer
  • Helping participants gain a greater understanding of their benefits and financial planning concepts
  • Strengthening morale by reinforcing your image as a caring, thoughtful organization
Participants will enjoy an educational presentation with informational materials. One of the unique features offered by these workshops is flexibility. Each workshop can be extended over almost any length of time. We can put together a simple lunch-hour presentation or a complete series of seminars. This flexibility allows us to highlight areas of special interest to your group, including benefits, or special circumstances for a select group.

  Cut human resource administrative costs

Financial education helps defray the costs of wage garnishment and payroll advances for employees in financial trouble
  • Reduces the burden on internal HR staff from answering questions on financial benefits, communication and marketing around financial benefits
  • Especially effective for companies with multiple sites and remote workforce
  Increase productivity
  • Retain a loyal, diligent workforce that recognises you are concerned for their financial well-being.
  • Improving employee financial wellness can result in a 40% boost in your company's financial performance. Employees with money and credit card issues are more likely to be unhappy with their salary levels and/or change employers


  Employee benefits

Together with Bluestone Asset Management, you have the power to design a complete employee benefits program that meets your company's specific needs. Small or large, one location or many we have the expertise and experience to meet your company's benefit needs.

  Medical insurance

When it comes to offering group medical insurance for your employees, you're faced with many choices. What kind of coverage should you offer? What benefits should you include? Which insurer should you turn to? How do you make the right choices?

  Income Protection

Most of us take our health and our ability to work for granted. We prefer not to think about what might happen if we couldn't work. But we need to think about it, just like we need to think about any family financial need. For most of us, being unable work would mean no income and it would threaten our family security and independence.

That's why disability income protection insurance is important. Employers can help their employees protect their salaries with disability income insurance. We offer short-term, long-term and integrated disability income products.

  Life insurance

Group life insurance is a low-cost, low-maintenance benefit that virtually all employees appreciate. Employer-sponsored life insurance can sometimes be the only life protection employees have.

  Critical Illness

Group Critical Illness Protection allows your employers to help relieve the financial strain of ill-health on their employees.

More and more people are surviving critical illness but are unable to return to work for some considerable time. This cover provides employees with a lump sum if they are diagnosed with one of the specified medical conditions, or undergo one of the listed operations. Group critical illness protection is increasingly being incorporated into employee benefit packages as companies strive to offer comprehensive benefits to attract high quality staff. A popular way of providing this benefit is through flexible benefits packages or voluntary schemes

  Pension Scheme

As an employer, if you have five or more staff working for you or your company, you are bound by law to provide your staff with a pension scheme. Employers have various options and the pension scheme can be set up either on a contributory basis where members contribute to the fund or non-contributory, which is paid for by the employer. There are a number of tax advantages available both for the employee and the employer and a good pension scheme can often be a good incentive when recruiting new staff.

  Choosing the right plan for your business

With many types of retirement plans available, each having different options, the rules governing them are complicated and ever-changing. This can make it difficult to determine which plan will best suit your business needs. At Bluestone Asset Management, we can assist you in choosing a retirement plan that's right for you. Whether you are establishing a new plan or amending an existing one, you'll receive information about available options that would best suit your business needs.


  Keyman's Insurance & Business continuation

Imagine what would happen if your business suddenly had to continue without you, a partner or key employee. Death, disability or retirement of a key executive can create a succession crisis.

If you died, would your family be able to successfully operate the business? If your successors had the opportunity to buy the business, where would they get the money? If a partner were no longer there, could you afford to buy his or her share?

With a carefully constructed business succession plan, you can create a solid foundation for the future of your business - and the people who depend on it. Working together with your accountant, attorney and other advisors, we can help you pull together the necessary elements of a successful succession plan.

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